Our History

The Sicmol S.A. is an industry with know-how and advanced technology in the manufacture of bathroom furniture and accessories. It is located in Aparecida de Goiânia-GO-Brazil and present on the market since 1988. Its origin is the traditional business group Sebba, founded in 1958, well known for its performance in the trade of construction materials, furniture manufacturing and exporting of wood. Nowadays, the industry has diversified line of products, ready to attend the consumer’s varied demands of furnitures, accessories and tiles.

Sicmol currently exports its products to several countries: Uruguay, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Curaçao, Puerto Rico and Trinidad and Tobago.


  • Strong brand in the Brazilian market, selling to big players in the market of construction materials;
  • Industrial Park with 51.000 sqm. Constructed Area: 25.823sqm;
  • Various Products;
  • International Partners;
  • Present in the international market through exports;
  • Last Generation Machines and equipments;
  • Selected raw materials and high qualified workers.


To act profitably in the industry of tiles and complementation, striving the good relationship with the retail market, as well as internal and external consumers.


To make Sicmol brand known and recognized by customers and final consumers.


Ethics / Integrity 
Commitment to the customer and end consumer 
Respect for people and the environment 
Sustainable Growth 
Social and Environmental Responsibility


We have more than 20 years of history, always manufacturing the best market's products. To us, quality is an obligation, not just a differential. Check our awards and certificates:


Sicmol concerns about sustainable production. Therefore, we invest in practices which aim to take care of environment as well as people involved directly or indirectly in the process. Check some of our conscious practices. 

1) Social Responsability 
* Sicmol helps to build and reform institutions to support children who require care. 
* Participates with donations to CEVAM, an institution which protects women victims of domestic violence. 
* Ensures jobs for people who are forwarded by institutions such as Núcleo à Caminho de Jesus and Associação Pestalozzi de Goiânia. 
* It has corporate library to encourage employees to read. 

2) Selective Collection 
Leftovers from packages, plastics, cardboard, scraps of wood, sawdust, metals, chemical material, materials from polyester and synthetic marble unit are identified and properly separated and picked up by legalized companies of collection. 

3) Conscious Use of By-products 
Sicmol seeks to reuse everything that is possible to be reused, maximizing the productive process, avoiding wasting and damages to environment. Check how it works: 

Reuse of wood: 
We have 2 kinds of leftovers: chips and Sawdust 
The chips which are the leftovers of wood and plates, are collected by the Real Entulhos company and they go to ceramic factories for use in boilers. 
While the sawdust is captured by the exhaust system. Its destination is the Coopel which is a company responsible for residues management where the material is processed and used as fuel. Generated residue (ashes) is used to manufacture cement. 

Reuse of Thinner 
Well Used in 3 steps: 
1º Step (Wood Unit) - After internal use, it is recycled and reused to clean Polyester unit. 
2º Step (Polyester Unit) - The thinner recycled is used in cleaning. The residue and sludge of the cabins goes to recycling company. 
3º Step (Another Companies) - material is processed and used as fuel. Generated residue (ashes) is used to manufacture cement (Picked up by Ecoblending). 

Reuse of plastics and Metals 
Materials in PET, PVC, Polystyrene, Plastic and Aluminum are sold to recycling companies which make the collection of them. The destiny of these materials is cooperatives and scrap dealers who reuse them. 

Reuse of Polyester 
Leftovers and industrial residues of toilet seats, wash basins and synthetic marble are collected by construction buckets companies and they go to Landfill. 

Reuse of Glasses and Mirrors 
The material is picked up by Ecoblending and it is processed and used as fuel. Generated residue (ashes) is used to manufacture cement. 

Reuse of Residues of Chemical Treatments 
Sicmol treats and controls the effluents. 
There is leftovers of Sufago In the Chroming and Anodizing Unit. It is collected by Ecoblending. This material is co-processed where it will be used as fuel. Generated residue (ashes) is used to manufacture cement. 
Result: After the chemical treatment performed through decanters and precipitators the residue is coagulated and the organic and inorganic materials such as ferrous metals are separated and removed. 
Environmental action: the treatment is performed to avoid contamination and degradation of water in the river chain. 
*In the Treatment Station it is made an internal analysis (Ph and ' METALLIC ' CONTENT) of the water weekly. Another external analysis is also made by a specialized company for technical reports monthly. 

Reuse of Polyester 
We have a private septic cesspool with a capacity for 50,000 Litres. The treatment is performed to control the release of organic waste to the environment. All waste is dumped properly through public river chain. 

4) Reuse of Water 
We have a reservoir with a capacity of 300,000 liters of water used in fire-fighting system. When the reservoir reaches its maximum capacity, the water drains to the public line. 
We also have the roof water collector and solar collection plates, benefiting the showers of the changing rooms. 

5) 100% Ecological Products 
We have in our company products manufactured with Lyptus which is a noble wood, fully extracted from renewable forests from trees planted, what ensures a reliable supply and environmentally sustainable. For every tree felled, another is replanted, preserving the Woods and all its biodiversity. 
The Lyptus ® has the chain-of-custody certification within the requirements of CERFLORPEFC and Fibria's forests WHICH is the supplier of certified logs as Iso 14001, certification, Environmental Management System (EMS).


Here in Sicmol, every product is constructed in a especial way. We care about the workmanship in each and every piece, particularly with the design, because we know that is what set apart our pieces. 
Everyone who has a product from Sicmol knows about how whe care in doing the better, in the better way.